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At Private Investigator Bakersfield, we search out the facts with accuracy and precision. Our experienced team of investigators can assist you in finding the truth and uncovering the proof.

Whether it’s a missing persons case, or you need to covertly find out where someone is spending their time...or with whom, we can find the answers you’re looking for.

We can do a bug sweep of your business or place of residence, or maybe you need some hard evidence for a pending court case, whatever your investigatory needs, we’re here to help. If you've been searching your phone for “private detectives near me,” or “private investigators near me,” you’re at the right place! We’re right here and ready to help. Contact us today!


Private Investigator Bakersfield CA

With decades of experience in the surveillance and investigative business, our team at Private Investigator Bakersfield is fully licensed and insured with access to the latest advancements, tools and resources in the industry.

Through these state-of-the-art systems and strategies, we can provide our clients with prompt, top-notch service and outstanding results. Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with local law-enforcement as well as resources throughout the U.S. and beyond allowing us to get to the truth wherever the trail may take us.

Our clients can depend on our discretion and confidentiality. Your information and privacy is secured and our top priority. From your first contact with us, all the way through, whether you decide to hire us or not, your confidentiality is guarded and preserved.

We are a full-service agency and employ agents who specialize in numerous areas of expertise, allowing us to build the perfect investigative team to meet your needs. From surveillance and evidence gathering to missing persons and cell phone forensics, our talents and abilities are broad and varied.

We work with private individuals and groups, attorneys, businesses and corporations. Whatever private investigations you're in need of, contact us and let’s make a plan. We offer outstanding, affordable service and look forward to working with you.

Why Choose Us ?

Deciding to hire a private investigator can be such a smart thing to do if you pick the right one. People come to Private Detective Bakersfield CA because we are a full-service agency dedicated to getting results that benefit our clients’ case and/or peace of mind.

We’ve been in the investigation and surveillance business for a long time and feel it is a privilege to work with the people in Bakersfield. Contact Private Investigator Bakersfield today and we can discuss your case.



Licensed investigators who stay up-to-date on training and surveillance strategies making them some of the best in the business.

Using the latest

Cutting-edge equipment and having access to the most advanced resources and databases allows us access to all kinds of valuable information, right at our fingertips.

Working smart

By doing our homework before setting up surveillance and/or tracking someone so we don’t waste hours of our time and, more importantly, your money.

Confidential contacts and resources

At our disposal that we have built relationships of trust with over the years we’ve been in business.

Knowledge of and adherence to the laws of the state

At PI Bakersfield CA, we act with honesty and integrity, always within the law, guaranteeing your case won’t be compromised due to sloppy detective work.

Complimentary consultation

Followed by a price estimate.

What To Expect?

Starting with a free consultation, a private investigator will discuss your case and the services likely required to solve your issue and give you an estimate of what it will cost to pursue your case.

Meeting with your investigator, they will get more specifics regarding your case and may ask a lot of questions you should be prepared to answer to the best of your ability.

Once you give the go ahead on your case, the investigation will begin and the plan will be outlined and any initial fees will be collected.

Keeping you informed about the progress and new developments as your case unfolds is a priority at Bakersfield Detective Agency, and updates will be given regularly throughout your case.

At the conclusion of your case, you will be given a final report, accurate and concise, along with any photos, video and other documentation that has been collected. Additionally, our private investigator can agree to testify in court as to their findings, if necessary and determined at the start of the investigation.

Our detectives deliver professional, accurate results in a timely manner, always working within the parameters of the law, which is why you should choose Bakersfield Private Investigator.

Our Services

Bakersfield Private Investigator is a full-service private detective agency offering a variety of specialized services and cutting-edge techniques. We are committed to helping private citizens as well as businesses acquire information and evidence at an affordable price. Some of the services we offer include:

bakersfield private investigator and surveillance


Knowing what to look for and how to document what you’re seeing is all part of the art of surveillance. Our investigators are discreet, covert and skilled in using our state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to capture the proof they witness.

bakersfield private detective and background checks

Background Check/Investigations

We offer basic or in depth investigations of someone’s background. We can verify employment and education claims, do a criminal background check, and get numerous other reports you might need before proceeding with a business or personal relationship.

bakersfield private investigator services & missing person locating services

Subject Locates

Locating missing or evasive persons using a variety of ways including internet searches and surveillance, we can assist you in finding WHO you’re looking for.

private investigator bakersfield cost & asset investigation

Asset & Hidden Assets Investigations

We offer comprehensive asset investigations which will determine and discover what assets an individual or business possesses, even if they are attempting to hide those assets in an endeavor to cheat you out of what is rightfully yours.

bakersfield detective agency & cheating partners


This is a difficult time when you suspect your spouse or partner is being unfaithful, and a thorough investigation will either confirm or alleviate your suspicions, giving you peace of mind or the proof you need to proceed forward.

private investigators near me & TSCM surveillance

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures)

If you suspect that you have some sort of information leak in your business or even your home, we have TSCM, otherwise known as bug sweeping that can detect and neutralize illicit devices such as audio or video (hidden camera) instruments that have been planted. We can also assist you in locating areas where you might be vulnerable in the future.

hire a private investigator in bakersfield and cell phone investigations

Cell Phone Forensic Investigation

Do you need to recover data from a phone that has been deleted or damaged? At Bakersfield Private Detective, our experts have the technological know-how to retrieve that lost data enabling you to determine if that lost data is something vital.

About Bakersfield CA

Located on the Kern River just over 110 miles north of Los Angeles, sits Bakersfield, California. Booming in both the agricultural and oil industries, the city, often considered just a stopover between Los Angeles and San Francisco is actually an affordable place to raise a family and put down some roots.

Between the oil rigs peppering the horizon and the honky tonks in numerous supply, Bakersfield has a bit of a Texas vibe to be sure, but the fertile San Joaquin Valley in which the metro region flourishes is brimming with locally sourced foods that has become a rich and wonderful way of life for residents and definitely hearkens to the California culture.

On the northeastern edge of the city, you’ll find the California Living Museum which boasts a reptile house and a touch tank, as well as a full exploration of the state’s flora and fauna.

The city is also home to numerous bike trails and close to 60 parks for plenty of outdoor enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Shafter
  • Rosedale
  • Tehachapi
  • Golden Hills
  • Taft
  • Greenacres
  • Ford City
  • Greenfield
  • Taft Heights
  • And many other surrounding areas


How do you become a private investigator in Bakersfield CA?

To become a PI Bakersfield CA, you must obtain a license for the state and to obtain that license, the following criteria must be met:

  1. You must be at least 18 years or older
  2. Have a criminal history background check through both the Dept. of Justice and the FBI
  3. Have at least 6000 hours (3 years) of compensated experience in investigative work.

Your experience has to be certified by your employer and has to have been obtained while you were employed as a sworn law enforcement officer, military police officer, insurance adjuster, employee licensed by a PI or licensed repossess or, arson investigator, or an investigator for the public defender’s office.

How much is a private investigator?

Depending on what your case encompasses and what services are required to solve it, Private Investigator Bakersfield costs will vary. The great news is, we offer a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your case and give you an estimate of the private investigator cost and any additional fees that might be required. Give us a call.

After hiring a Private Investigator Bakersfield, how soon do you start investigating?

Generally we are able to start within 24 hours of the time we have the go ahead from you. Occasionally, we can start immediately, depending on what your case involves.

What is needed to start a surveillance investigation?

A picture of the subject is great, but at least a physical description, if a photo can’t be provided. Also, home and/or business addresses for the subject, vehicle description and license plate number and the reason you want the subject watched.

What is a PI’s privacy standard?

Our client’s confidentiality comes first and foremost. You can be assured that all measures will be taken to keep your privacy in check. We pride ourselves on our discretion in all matters, from your very first contact with us and throughout the course of the investigation.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Bill V. Bakersfield, CA

This turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made and worth every dime. My private investigator got the proof I need to bring my case to court with full confidence in the outcome, and they did it in a short amount of time. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend them.

Cheryl T. Bakersfield CA

I felt like they had my back every step of the way. They were always professional, but I could tell they really cared about how I was doing through the whole process and I knew they would get the information I needed to help me get to the heart of my very personal situation. I’m so glad I contacted them.

Frank R. Bakersfield CA

I’d been looking for my old Navy buddy for years. I thought, perhaps, he had died as I was unable to find anything about him. After just a couple of hours, my private investigator had a lead and within a few more hours had contact information. What a great reunion! Thanks a million!

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We’ve been helping this community for years and our skill and experience are unmatched. And the consultation is free, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call or fill out the convenient form right here on the website and we can get you started on discovering the answers to whatever questions might be plaguing you. Contact us today!

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